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Disposal Process
Disposal Process
For Businesses the disposal process is quick and easy with a turnaround of within 7 days from collection, to being provided with a certificate of data destruction.


Disposal Process

For Businesses and Organisations once we have received a completed Business Collection Form so details of the equipment can be assessed and correctly processed. We will email you to advise whether any charges will be incurred dependant on the equipment, the quantity and services required. The assessment is free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed with the collection.

Upon instructions to proceed with the collection we will finalise a collection date and time. Once the equipment is transferred onto our vehicle by a member of our staff we will issue a waste transfer note which is signed by both parties listing all the collected equipment. (this document must be kept for 2 years).

Should the collection involve hazardous waste, ComputeUK will also issue you with a Hazardous Waste consignment note to meet your legal obligations under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RoHS, regulations. (this document must be kept for 3 years).

It is your record that ComputeUK have taken ownership of the redundant computer equipment in a manner that complies with the environment agency.

When the equipment arrives back at our premises a complete audit is done detailing Date, Address, Hard drives destroyed, Manufacturer, Serial Numbers, Hardware type and Description. All traces of origin including tags, logos, labels, stickers and identification marks are removed.

If requested the data on the hard drives is destroyed and a certificate of destruction will be provided confirming all data stored on the hard drives has been destroyed. The process is completed within 7 days from collection date to being provided with a certificate of destruction for all data on storage devices.

The equipment is then either recycled or refurbished in line with the WEEE directive.

No harmful components are sent to landfill, and no harmful waste is sent overseas for disposal.