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Data Security
Data Security
With ComputeUK you can be assured that data security is our primary concern. All data will be completely removed from all storage devices.


Data Security

One of the main concerns of businesses and Organisations recycling their PC equipment is data security.

Whether it be hard disks, floppy disks or CDs your PC equipment may have sensitive information stored on it which may include financial data, emails, internet history, personal documents, marketing plans, development plans and sales contacts.

With ComputeUK you can be assured that the security of your data is our primary concern.

By simply just formatting a hard drive or floppy disk will not destroy all the data on the disk. It is possible to recover all of the information previously held on a formatted disk. The only way to totally erase this data is to permanently delete it by using sophisticated software by over writing it many times with more data.

This process involves booting from a hard drive destruction software disc from startup. The disc will wipe the whole hard drive, not only is all the data permanently destroyed but all the programs and operating system is also permanently destroyed. Leaving a hard drive completely wiped clean of all original data stored on it.

Just select the option of secure data removal on our Business Collection Form and ComputeUK guarantees that all clients data is destroyed, every single piece of data that arrives back at our processing site is completely destroyed.

ComputeUK uses software that permanently deletes all of the personal, confidential and critical data on your hard drive. It permanently deletes this information by over writing all of the data on your hard drive many times over, this can never be recovered, so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely destroyed and can never be recovered.

Once all the data has been destroyed we will provide a certificate of data destruction, listing quantity and serial numbers of all hard disks destroyed.